Maternity Socks - Compression socks from Boob Maternity

You can reduce swelling in your lower leg by wearing Boob maternity compression socks. Boob maternity knee high socks can be worn all day, everyday, to relieve symptoms.


The three trimesters of pregnancy mean both physical and physiological changes to your body to cope with the demands of being pregnant. We all recognise the characteristic physical changes that occur during pregnancy, but there are also huge physiological changes that occur to cope with the demands of being pregnant.


A common complaint of advanced pregnancy is oedema. Oedema is excess fluid which collects in the extremeties such as your legs, feet and hands causing swelling and discomfort. You may have heard of the term 'cankles'! This is where your ankle has no discernable narrowing from the calf to the foot. Oedema's a normal part of pregnancy so it's not possible to cure it, but you can sit with your feet up [not always possible with all that running around!], taking short walks and lying on your left side to ease pressure on the vena cava, a major blood vessel which lies on your right side and can become compressed if you lie on your back during the latter stages of pregnancy.


Boob Maternity make compression socks for pregnancy in a range of colours. Wear them when you next travel, on your next flight, or whenever you need extra support and comfort.

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