Funmum Indigo Classic Maternity Jeans, 28 Lmore...

Dark blue super stretchy boot cut jeans with a natural slimming effect!
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Funmum Maternity Skinny Jeans, 28 Lmore...

Soft stretchy fabric make these maternity skinny jeans a delight to wear.
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Funmum Vintage Maternity Jeans, 28 Legmore...

Funmum vintage maternity jeans available in XS to XXL.
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Mama Joy, Maternity Skinny Jeans, Mid Denimmore...

Old Season! Under bump maternity skinny jeans with an adjustable waistband.
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Mama Life, Maternity Skinny Jeans, Blackmore...

Soft jersey denim panel for seamless maternity jean comfort!
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Maternity jeans - it's all about the waistband!


Buying the best maternity jeans you can; ones that will last you throughout your pregnancy can often be a case of trial and error, but when you do find the perfect pair of denim jeans, they'll be the bread and butter of your maternity wardrobe!


Maternity jeans come in a range of styles, just like your pre-pregnancy jeans. You can literally go completely crazy with denim! There's maternity skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, straight jeans, classic cut, on the bump, over the bump, under the bump...and on and on and on! There's no hard and fast rule about what style is better. You just have to find a pair of maternity jeans that you feel comfortable in as you're probably going to be wearing them a lot! Your chosen brand of pre-pregnancy jeans may do a maternity range so check that out first.


We also understand that buying maternity jeans online means that you can't try them on before you buy. No matter where you are in the world, our flexible returns policy allows you to buy with confidence, knowing that there's going to be no hassle returning any unwanted items.


As you're only going to be wearing your maternity jeans for a short while, there's no need to spend a fortune. We enjoy offering our pregnant customers the best maternity jeans at affordable prices. We are now pleased to be stocking the full Mama Jeanius 'Beautifully British' maternity jeans UK range. Mama Jeanius are maternity jean specialists; designing and manufacturing premium denim products with three different waistbands, leg styles and lengths.


Maternity jeans - the terminology!


Yep, this is where the jargon comes in! The waistlines of pregnancy jeans have differing features; here goes!


  • Under the bump - under the bump maternity jeans are designed to sit just below your bump. They may have a drawstring in the waistband that allows you to adjust the size according to how big your bump is! If you find that your under the bump maternity jeans slip down try wearing a belt or bump band to help hold them in place.
  • Under the bump with side panels - these maternity jeans are the same as under the bump but with elasticated side panels that keep pace with your changing shape and size.
  • Over the bump - over the bump maternity jeans normally have a soft jersey panel that you pull over your bump. The depth of the panel can vary from low to full over the bump fit. You can normally fold the panel over if it's too deep or too tight.


Maternity jeans - leg styles


  • Maternity bootcut jeans - these have a wider leg and suit women who have an apple or pear shape. They give the impression of lengthening your legs and accentuating your curves and bottom. Women with shorter legs tend to avoid wearing maternity bootcut jeans as they can make legs look even shorter than they actually are!
  • Maternity skinny jeans - these jeans tend to be favoured by women with a smaller figure. They're suitable for most body shapes and give the illusion of lengthening the leg. If maternity skinny jeans are too long in the leg just turn them up and wear with a pair of fashionable pumps.
  • Maternity jeggings - like maternity skinny jeans but often made of a much more stretchy and soft fabric.
  • Maternity straight leg jeans - this style of jean is really suited to the hour glass or curvy figure. The straight leg style of maternity jean makes your legs appear longer. These jeans are excellent for all occasions.


The most important thing about buying maternity jeans is they they should be comfortable and make you feel good. For the best maternity jeans, shop at Global Maternity.

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